четвер, 14 серпня 2008 р.

How to open an URL in firefox running on another VT

I have a ubuntu linux box at home. It works as a router, firewall and a local server (web, dns, ntp, ssh)
But except that it's it has kde3.5 running - mostly, I listen music from it, while I work in windows xp. I use Xming to run kicker (kde3 "taskbar"). Sometimes I really need to open an URL in my linux box session (not in xming's session) and there's a funny way to do it.

I open konsole from kicker in windows and type:
me :0 2008-08-14 03:57
(which means my display in linux is :0)

export DISPLAY=:0

firefox http://whatever-url-i-need-to-open-in-linux/

and voila.

p.s. XMing's display is localhost:10.0 by default

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