четвер, 21 квітня 2011 р.

Me learning Java.

Recently I've started learning some new webdev tricks in Java.
The guy in charge of Java competency group at Lohika — Zenyk Matchyshyn, has gave me a task
— to create a simple Ajax blog with REST API and JSON as data transfer format — and a set of technologies to use on that task: Maven2, Servlet API 2.5, Hibernate, Spring IoC.

Though I had some experience of using Hibernate and Spring container in some distant past, I was really impressed by Maven2.

So I've finished the task a while (about two or three months) ago

...and got a new one — do the same but using Spring MVC.

I've been trying to find some Maven2 project archetype for Spring MVC, but nothing good was out there, until Zenyk gave me a hint to dig into Spring Roo — which is another great tool from Java world I've got acquainted with.

Btw, if anyone needs to use an entity name that has a plural different than -s — use @RooPlural annotation, e.g.:

class BlogEntry ...

So after two month of work I've finally got some time to get back to Java.
To be continued...